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Water Saving Week

Water Saving Week - my top top tips

I’m spending my work experience week here at Southern Water and it’s water saving week! Here in the South East of England we are lucky to have access to some of the best and cleanest water in the world and unlike some countries we can drink it straight from the taps. But water is finite, and as an area under great water stress it’s important we use water wisely.

The Aliens Amongst Us

They hide in plain sight. Most of us walk past at least one every day without giving them a second thought. They cost the UK economy billions of pounds each year, threaten our biodiversity and in some cases pose a risk to our health and safety. Not xenomorphs from outer space but the animals and plants that we have introduced to our landscape far from the places they originally called home.

It is the start of Invasive Non-Native Species Week on the 23rd of March and Southern Water graduate ecologist Tom Alexander joins Vaquez, Hicks and Ripley aboard the Nostromo to battle the aliens.

Bewl is Full

Bewl Water is full - and it's thanks to action by Southern Water supported by the Environment Agency.

Southern Water is taking the P

Phosphorus makes things grow - great for crops and flowers but bad news in rivers and streams because it makes algae bloom But Southern Water is researching the problem.