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Southern Water is taking the P

Phosphorus makes things grow - great for crops and flowers but bad news in rivers and streams because it makes algae bloom But Southern Water is researching the problem.

It's your water too

It's your water too

It’s an important time for Southern Water because we’re starting the next chapter of the conversation with you about our plans for the next 5 years. 

Innovation is everywhere at Southern Water

The future is coming to Southern Water today. This month - as part of regulator Ofwat's own Innovation Month we will be showing off our latest developments and looking into the future.

A Very British Drought

Droughts do not always mean baked earth and antelope bones scattered across the plains - certainly not in Britain where drought measures can be in place while roads are flooded.

Tim the Toilet

Helping customers fight The Unflushables

Sewer flooding can be a really upsetting experience for our customers. Across the Southern Water region, during the last year alone we’ve seen 23,000 blockages caused by a build up of fat and unflushable items in the sewers.