Statement on River Itchen and Test Inquiry

River Itchen
River Itchen

The Environment Agency is charged under the EU Habitats Directive with protecting the precious natural heritage of Hampshire's chalk streams.

We share the Environment Agency’s goal to protect and nurture the environment and our chalk rivers.

Working closely with the Environment Agency, we believe we are reaching a solution which will allow us to continue delivering drinking water to our customers in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, while protecting the precious environment and securing supplies for the future.

The agreement - when finalised - will put in place processes and plans so we can meet our duty to supply water to our customers under all circumstances whether affected by drought or other significant incident.

We will be making major investments over the next ten years, and while this is ongoing we and the Environment Agency must have a framework to manage and mitigate the impact of events out of our control. The Inquiry will continue to examine the plans and hear evidence from other interested parties.


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