Southern Water announces household water and wastewater bill for 2018-19

On average, Southern Water’s combined bill for water supply and sewerage services is going up by just 3p a day over the coming year. The typical combined service bill for a domestic customer is expected to be £436, which is £1.19 a day – an increase of just 3%, or £11 a year, compared with 2017-18.

Helping customers in genuine financial difficulty

Ian McAulay, Southern Water Chief Executive, said: “We are committed to saving our customers money and this is clearly demonstrated by again keeping bills under the rate of inflation.

At the same time between 2015-2020 we’re investing £1.8 billion in our network to ensure its fit for the future and keeps pace with growth in the South East.

The way we work at Southern Water is to continually improve our services to help our customers save water and money. We were first to introduce a universal metering programme which has meant that 60 % of our customers are now better off and we’ve started an ambitious project called 'Target 100' which will help all our customers reduce their water usage to 100 litres a day by 2040, saving on average £75 per year.”

Where your money goes

Southern Water's bills cover the day-to-day running costs of supplying customers with high-quality drinking water and taking away and treating their wastewater. In addition they support a £1.8 billion improvement programme to 2020.

This includes renewal and expansion of water mains and sewers, along with schemes to help prevent flooding, protect water supplies, reduce leakage, improve water quality and enhance wastewater treatment.

Until 2020 we will be spending an additional £80 million above our existing plan to future-proof our assets and ensure that our treatment plants and network meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Key investments include:

  • We fix your pipe - for free. During 2018 Southern Water will spend £2m repairing supply pipes on customer properties.
  • Misconnections – we’ll continue our project to find incorrectly plumbed waste pipes. This is part of our innovative £31.5 million Bathing Water Enhancement Programme, which aims to bring bathing water quality in seven areas across our region up to the ‘excellent’ standard by 2020.
  • Flood reduction - over the next two years, we’ll be working in 10 towns and cities across our region to reduce cases of sewer flooding inside properties, and prevent them happening in future. This is a major project which will see bespoke action plans created for each area.
  • Woolston Wastewater Treatment Works, Southampton – in 2018/19 we’re approaching the end of our flagship £63m project to completely redevelop the site. The end result will be a modern treatment works to serve the community long into the future.
  • Thanet sewer improvements – our project to improve the ageing sewer network in Thanet will continue.
  • Chichester pipeline – subject to planning permission, we hope to start work on our 10km sewer to serve new developments planned for the area. This is a large investment for the city.

Save water, save energy, save money

With 90% of Southern Water's customers now on a water meter, households only pay for what they use. This means they can save money on bills by taking simple steps to use less water. Even non-metered households can save money by cutting water use as 30% of energy used in a typical home is used to heat water. So by saving water, customers can reduce energy bills and help the environment.

Easy ways to save water, energy and money include the following:

  • Wait for a full load before using your dishwasher or washing machine.
  • Look out for leaks – dripping taps and leaking pipes can waste lots of water.
  • Have a four-minute shower instead of a bath to save around 45 litres of water.
  • Don’t leave taps running when you brush your teeth – as well as wasting water, you're pouring money down the drain.

Our latest efficiency campaign is called #AquaHacks. Inspired by the fact that a fifth of household water goes on showers, you can win a shower speaker to time your wash to an efficient and money saving four minutes. Win a speaker for suggesting a water saving tip here:

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