How smart sensors are monitoring water quality in Rownhams, Hampshire

Hampshire is getting some of Britain's smartest water pipes thanks to Southern Water

Are you a resident of the Rownhams area of Hampshire? Did you know one of the UK’s most innovative water projects is happening in your neighbourhood?

In a previous blog we mentioned we are trialling digital sensors to monitor water quality. Here’s some more information about this innovative project.

Throughout the Rownhams area, we are trialling a network of over 100 sensors that monitor the quality of water in our pipelines. All the way from reservoirs to customer taps, we are now able to observe water quality parameters. Not only is that quite a distance to cover but there are millions of litres of water passing through the pipes. And, the sensors never sleep! That’s quite a feat.

The technology ensures Southern Water has an excellent understanding of, for example, why water may occasionally have slight discolouration so that we can make improvements to our customers’ water. The sensors can test for many parameters including colour, pH and chlorine.

The smart sensors may also help predict leaks before they happen so we can resolve issues before they occur and minimise disruption for customers.

Fast-forward ten years, and we believe smart water networks will be the norm.

It’s another example where Southern Water is ahead of the curve, and dare I say it, but other water companies are a little envious of the work we’re doing!

Discover more about Southern Water’s research and development projects in our upcoming blogs.

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-Drew Brown, R&D Project Manager at Southern Water


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