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The Future's Bright

The big brains are being wheeled out in February at Southern Water as we showcase our technology and talents for problem solving as part of water regulator Ofwat’s Innovation Month.

And in the first of four podcasts talking about how the future for water and waste treatment will look, an array of Southern Water scientists, engineers and collaborative partners are speaking about some of the most exciting work being done.

Southern Water is using drones that can fly down dangerous shafts, virtual reality and even a super intelligent bowling ball to fast forward in to the future of water.

But innovation is not all about shiny new toys. James Ogden, innovation manager in our engineering force, discusses how an entire waste plant was rebuilt – without going off- line. Disruption for residents was minimised by building parts of the plant off-site and then bringing them so cutting down on lorry traffic. James also speculates about the amazing developments in the pipeline – could an artificial intelligence one day keep our network optimised?

Rebecca Kennedy, from our Research and Development team, talks through at our collaborative Innovation Hub at the University of Portsmouth Field Station at Petersfield waste water treatment plant.  Rebecca talks us through the basic research being done in collaboration with the University to develop novel treatment solutions for small sites and introduces one of the University’s PhD students with a room full of foil  covered columns where wastewater phosphorous removal trials are being undertaken -– can they really be extracting gold from poo?

We also meet Rachel Ashmole and David Rawlins, project leaders at Ricardo - the engineering consultancy which is Southern Water’s partner in a ground breaking effort to apply the science behind high performance engine design to managing Southern Water’s almost 14,000 km of pipeline.

In coming weeks, we'll be telling the world about a range of our innovations - from the IQ boost for your water meter to the super intelligent bowling ball which finds burst pipes before they happen.

And Southern Water customers will be given the chance to have their say about all our plans and priorities for the next five years.

Listen to the Innovation pod cast as part of our new 'Water Watch' series here: http://waterwatch.podbean.com/ or download from the iTunes store.

Notes to Editors:

  • This year Southern Water is spending £5 million on basic research and development.
  • Ofwat, the water industry regulator, is urging water companies to embrace innovation for the benefit of customers and the environment


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