Stakeholder Engagement

We work with stakeholders to support the delivery of our customers’ priorities, shape and scrutinise our plans and influence policy makers to secure the best outcomes for our customers, communities and environment.


What we do

Our stakeholder team leads our engagement with politicians, local councils, business groups and community groups, NGOs and with public policy development. It also supports colleagues across the business engage with our regulators and other interest groups.

The team is led by our Head of Public and Regulatory Policy who oversees our engagement strategy and public affairs priorities.

Our stakeholder managers have county-specific roles to ensure they become experts in their area. They also lead engagement on specific areas such as growth and development, bathing water and water resources.

Our policy managers have responsibility for a number of policy areas such as environment, agriculture, water resources and infrastructure. They lead on our engagement with national environmental groups, trade associations, government bodies and politicians from outside our supply area.

To contact the team, please email: [email protected]

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